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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to call us if you don’t see the answers to your questions below:

Why should I get a truck from LRM? We offer tons of added benefits that most other companies do not:
  • We offer discounted repair rates in our shops in Florida and Texas. This means you can avoid other shops who are only out to take advantage of you and run up your repair bill. Our shops are not there to make money, they are there to save you money
  • We have been in business for over 39. We have seen it all. Having been around so long, we can best serve you and put our knowledge and experience to work for your benefit
  • We are not like a typical dealer you may be used to who makes all their money when they sell you a truck. We are leasing this truck to you on payments. We have to give you the best truck possible so you can be successful and in turn make payments back to us!
  • First class customer service…we’re always here, if we miss your call, we will get right back to you!
  • You own the truck after your last payment, no balloons, no gimmicks, no hassle
  • We will NEVER run you credit score, ever
  • We offer discounts on your lease payoff for good paying customers
  • Due to our buying power, we can get you parts for your vehicle cheaper than you may be able to. You will be able to call us and we can ship your parts! We love to save you money anywhere we can
  • Unlike other companies who charge you for the warranty, we can get you a warranty at cost. We are not interested in making money on the warranty
  • If you’re in the area, bring your truck by for a free inspection…we are always willing to take care of a customer
  • We’re flexible, understanding, and willing to make things work
Do you charge for miles?
  • No, we do not charge for miles. You can run as many or as little miles as you want, no restrictions!
Do you run credit?
  • No, we will never run your credit score, in fact, take a look at our online application. We don’t even ask for your social security number
Why don’t you run credit?
  • LRM Leasing was founded on the principle that a person’s credit score does not dictate whether or not they can afford a truck. As long as you have the will and determination to succeed, we want to work with you!
How long is the approval process?
  • Super quick! Fill out our no obligation application and we will get back to you same day or next business day. Once you speak to someone here they will send you your approval same day!
Do I have to work at an approved carrier?
  • No, you never need our permission to work somewhere— you can work for any carrier any time
Do you provide insurance?
  • We do not provide insurance; however, we work with a few insurance companies that are the absolute best and affordable in the business. They can get you insurance within a couple hours and you don’t have to make a big down payment on your premium, you only have to make the first month’s payment. Insurance typically runs about $200-$350 a month depending on vehicle and your motor vehicle driving history
Where are you located?
  • Our headquarters are in Pompano Beach Florida and we have a second location in Rhome Texas (Dallas Fort Worth area). Both locations have a repair shop where you will receive preferential treatment and discounted rates. Both locations have lease ready trucks for you to choose from
What kind of maintenance has been done to this truck?
  • All our trucks go through a rigorous detailed inspection. All of our engines have the main, rod, and if applicable cam bearings inspected if we find any damage during the inspection we replace all the bearings with brand new bearings. We replace all the oil pick up tube seals and oil pan gasket seals. This will maximize the life of your engine, as long as you continue to maintain the vehicle properly and change the oil as recommended. Ask around about the benefits of this repair, you will hear that not only is it costly but it is unbelievably beneficial to the owner and the value of the truck. We never charge you for this!
  • We guarantee our trucks to be DOT ready, you will receive a fresh DOT inspection in your name when you leave with your vehicle. If we missed something we will take care of it!
  • We check every truck for after treatment and emissions issues. We make sure that it successfully completes a regen and there are no codes or warning lights!
  • All trucks will have a fresh oil change and PM prior to you taking delivery
All trucks receive a final test drive to ensure the following:
  • Jake brakes are working
  • Cruise control is working
  • Turbo is spooling correctly
  • Oil pressure is within normal operating specifications
  • Proper voltage
  • No pulling or darting
  • Clutch is not slipping
  • Transmission switches smoothly from low to high range
Do you offer any warranty?
  • It depends on the vehicle you lease, we will make sure you know exactly what is covered prior to you signing a lease
  • We are happy to sell you an extended warranty from reputable companies at COST, while other companies sell them or include them in the lease at a marked-up profit. We typically recommend controlling your maintenance and repairs yourself
Why do you only have Freightliners? “I want a Kenworth or a fancy Volvo”
  • That’s easy, after decades of hands on experience and through trial and error we found that Freightliners have the best operational and maintenance costs. Freightliners are easier to diagnose than these other brands. Parts are more readily available, are cheaper in most cases, and mechanics are well trained on them. Remember, this is about making money, not having the fanciest truck. Some of the largest fleets in the world choose to run Freightliners for this same reason. This allows us to give you the best product possible and for you to maintain the vehicle at the best price points

LRM will provide you with the best truck possible. LRM is not responsible for how you maintain, drive, operate your leased vehicle, or manage your financials. LRM cannot be responsible for another repair shop misdiagnosing your leased vehicle or if they over charge you for repairs. Trucking is tough and you can expect breakdowns regardless of where you lease or purchase a vehicle. Trucking can also be extremely lucrative if managed properly. It is important that you have operating capital set aside to weather the ups and downs (just like any business venture). We are here to support you as much as possible through our repair shops, vendor networks, and customer service, but cannot guarantee your success. You are in charge of your future. Do your homework before getting a vehicle. You are going into business for yourself, make sure you understand all aspects of what’s involved.